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Application Information

 Application Type for Edible Image Cake Stickers


FROSTING/ICING: Cake Stickers will adhere best when you frosting or icing is fresh. If your frosting has a skin on it, mist with a light spray of water to refresh the frosting prior to placing your edible image.

WHIP CREAM: When using whipped cream the edible image can fade after several hours or when left overnight. We recommend coating the back with a thin layer of piping gel to seal out the water. Also, coating the top with clear piping gel will make a glossy type picture rather than a matte type.

GUM PASTE: Apply a thin layer of piping jell or water then apply the edible cakes sticker image. If your gum paste is tacky the edible image may adhere without piping jell or water.

FONDANT: Apply a thin layer of piping jell, water, or clear potable alcohol, such as vodka or Everclear, then apply the edible cakes sticker image. If your fondant is tacky the edible image may adhere without piping jell, water, or vodka.

NON DAIRY WHIPPED TOPPING: Do NOT add any extra moisture to the topping. The moisture content is already perfect for adherence. 

FROZEN WHIPPED TOPPING/ICING: Before applying image to cake surface, be sure ice crystals have fully melted. 

RUN ROYAL ICING: Moisture content of run icing is too wet for immediate application. Allow icing to dry before attempting to apply a Designer Prints™ strip. After the icing is dry, lightly brush clear piping gel or simple syrup only to area to be covered with design.   

ROYAL ICING: Add a generous mist of water (being careful to avoid puddles) before icing dries to prevent crusting before application.

CHOCOLATE: Several ways to apply

1. Apply directly on top of melted chocolate. Use a soft touch to avoid dents.

2. Piping gel or corn syrup thinned with a little water, applied to the bar or back of the edible image works well.

3. Place the edible image, face down, in the bottom of the mold and cast the bar.  Do not put in the refrigerator or freezer.

4.  Gently re-heat the molded chocolate with a hot air from a hair dryer (usually only takes about 20 seconds). Apply the edible image on top.

COOKIES: There are several ways to adorn Cake Stickers to cookies. Icing, frosting, royal icing, piping gel, or corn syrup thinned with a little water, will adhere the image to most any cookie. If you purchase store bought cookies and the front of the cookie is not flat, try applying the image to the back of the cookie for a nice flat surface.

OREO COOKIES: For the best presentation we suggest dipping the Oreo cookie in melted chocolate (white chocolate will produce a brighter image). Before the chocolate dries apply the edible image on top, smooth it out making sure the edges are touching the chocolate for a more cohesive look. You can add some colored sprinkles and then let it dry.Another great idea is to apply a dab of piping jell or corn syrup thinned with a bit of water to the hardened chocolate cookie and place the edible image on top. You can also remove the top cookie and place the cake sticker directly on the cream filling for a fun effect.

HARD CANDY LOLLIPOPS: Lightly coat the lollipop with corn syrup thinned with a little water, apply the image on top. If the lollipop is a bit tacky the cake sticker will adhere all on its own.

A fun way to do hard candy lollipops is to pour 1/2 of the candy solution , using a clear color like lemon or lime since they are clear flavorings, place the edible picture on top and pour the second half of the white candy solution on top. It's easy and looks great with the embedded image.

Enjoy creating your edible imaged treats!

Enjoy all the smiles you will receive!

Enjoy all the money you saved!



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