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Our edible image Cake Sticker sheets are perfect for decorating all sizes of cakes, cupcakes, brownies, or any favorite treat. Edible Cake Stickers work great on frosting, icing, whip cream, fondant, gumpaste, fudge, and ice cream. 

You simply peel and place on your frosted treat!

Click here for complete instructions on How to Apply Edible Images 

You can create festive, designer looking treats for a fraction of the cost when purchased!

Number of Individual Strips needed to wrap cakes:
One Standard size Edible Cake Sticker sheet contains 3 Strips - 2.25" W x 10" L each
Measurements are approximate, as each cake will vary in size depending on baking and the thickness of the icing applied. Measurements are based on a frosted cake (1/8" thick).
Round Cake Size
Inches Needed to Wrap Cake
5 inches
16 inches (2 strips)
6 inches
19 inches (2 strips)
7 inches
22 inches (3 strips)
8 inches
25.12 inches (3 strips)
9 inches
28.26 inches (3 strips)
10 inches
31.14 inches (4 strips)
12 inches
37.68 inches (4 strips)
14 inches
44 inches (5 strips)
16 inches
50.24 inches (6 strips)
18 inches
56.52 inches (6 strips)
Rectangle/Square Cake Size
Inches Need to Wrap Cake
1/4 sheet (9" x 13")
 44 inches (5 strips)
4 inches
16 inches (2 strips)
6 inches
24 inches (3 strips)
8 inches
32 inches (4 strips)
10 inches
40 inches (4 strips)
12 inches
48 inches (5 strips)
14 inches
56 inches (6 strips)
16 inches
64 inches (7 strips)
18 inches
72 inches (8 strips)

Round images are designed to fit on top of your cake, cupcake, cookie, or any treat.

Strips are designed to adorn the sides of your cake. Perfect for round, square, and rectangle cakes. Strips can be cut to adorn cookies as well.

Full sheets are designed to fit square or rectangle cakes or for customizing the shape; simply cut with scissors. Perfect for edible scrapbooking! Measures 7.5" x 10" each.

Cutting Tips


Cutting/Trimming Edibe Cake Stickers Photo Cake

  • Cake Stickers can be easily city with sharp scissors or a razor knife.

  • Return all images to the re-sealable bag as soon as they are no longer needed.
  • Measure and cut the last strip while it is still attached to the backing strip to avoid waste.
  • Use an X-Acto™ knife to trim the last strip from the bottom up after applying to the cake to avoid tearing.
  • When building tiered cakes, assemble them completely before beginning to apply designs.



Here is an easy trick for trimming 

Edible Image® Designer Prints™.

Here is an easy trick for trimming Cake Stickers…

Use a pastry wheel cutter with the sharp edge. Cutters are available with one straight edge wheel and one zigzag edge wheel. These are wonderful for cutting the straight edge or adding an optional zigzag pattern to the edges of your Designer Print Cake Sticker.  This way, you can make sure your Cake Sticker is cut evenly and straight on both sides. Alternatively, you can use a ribbon insertion tool with the pointed blade or an X-Acto type razor knife to trim or cut to your desired size. Try cutting Cake Stickers with sharp cookie cutters to create wonderful shapes.  Use the cookie cutter to cut the same shape out of cookies, brownies, or rice crispy treats then adorn it with the same shape Cake Sticker for a treat that will knock their socks off.

When applying edible Cake Sticker strips, after you have wrapped the cake and are applying the last strip cut the excess part of the strip while it is on the cake. It's best to make that last cut in an upward motion, so you have a clean even cut that does not pull the Designer Print™ away from the cake. Or, if you have a steady hand, you can just use scissors.

Create amazing and festive deserts of all kinds. Simply cut Designer Edible Images to fit cookies, brownies, fudge, chocolate, and rice crispy treats for a festive, eye catching presentation.  Make beautiful bows and ribbons to adorn cakes and cupcakes.  Present a collage of special photos that is sure to bring back special memories.



Designer Prints™ Bow Technique 


Designer Print Cake Sticker decorations allow you to easily add design to gum paste or fondant bows. It’s a good idea to practice your bow making technique with plain gum paste or fondant until you have that part perfected. You can always re-roll your mistakes if you haven’t added colors or Designer Prints™ sheets yet.

1.  Prepare your Designer Print Cake Sticker™ sheets ahead of time by trimming away the white edges all the way around the strip while it is still on the backing sheet. 

  · For best results use a Ribbon Insertion Tool with the pointed blade or an X-Acto type razor knife. 

  · Return your edible imaged Cake Sticker print sheets to the bag and reseal until you are ready to use. 

2.  Prepare the fondant or a fondant/gum paste mix.
3.  Roll out fondant as thin as you can work with. 
4.  Apply the Designer Prints™.
   · If fondant or fondant/gum paste mix is still tacky, you can apply Designer Prints™ decorations without any additional moisture. 
  · If it is not tacky, use a brush and apply a VERY THIN swipe of plain water to the fondant or fondant/gum paste mix where you will be placing the Designer Prints™ sheets.  Be sure there are no  puddles of water.  You can also use your airbrush with plain water to moisten the surface.
 ·  Lay the Cake Sticker sheet on the fondant or fondant/gum paste mix, face up. 
 ·  Press (do not rub, it can rip) to make sure the Designer Prints™ sheets have adhered. 
5.  Trim away excess. 
6.  Trim the Designer Prints™ sheets into one inch strips the long way of the strip. 
7.  Make loops with each strip.  You will see how long to cut your strips by how big the bow you are  making will be. Trim loops at the ends to a point. Shape the loops set on their sides to dry overnight.
8.   Leave some of the strips for the tails of your bow.
9.   When pieces are dry you can assemble your bow with royal icing and let dry off the cake, or you can assemble your bow with royal icing and let dry on a piece of parchment overnight.


Spring Fondant Flower Tiered Cake

Use Designer Prints™ Cake Stickers to craft a vibrant spring centerpiece!


SIZE: 10”, 8” and 6” round tiers

1.   Roll out fondant and apply one full sheet Cake Sticker print. In this example we used 3 different prints. Lay flat to dry.

2.    Using a variety of flower and leaf cutters—or by hand with a Ribbon Insertion Tool with a pointed blade or an X-Acto type knife—create large flat and small cupped flowers and flat leaves. Let dry.

3.    Mix lime green icing using Neon Bright Green Liqua-Gel Color in a white icing base.

4.    Assemble and ice the cake in lime green icing.

5.    Using a #8 plain round tube and lime icing, pipe a bottom border on each tier.

6.    Arrange fondant flowers and leaves on cake with icing or with small pieces of fondant dabbed with water.

7.    Mix a small batch of fondant with a few drops of Egg Shade Liquid Airbrush Color, and create stamen dots in the center of each flower, attached with a dab of icing.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz





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