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How to apply Edible Images Cake Stickers Photo Cakes

Keep your Edible Image in the air tight bag until ready to use. 

Store at room temperature away from direct light.



Please read all the instructions before beginning.  See the attached information on “Helpful Hints” if you have difficulty.

1.  Have your frosted cake, cupcake, cookie, or treat ready.  For the best results your frosting or icing should not be dry or have a skin prior to placing the edible image.  Various frostings can be used such as buttercream, store bought frostings, icings, fondant, gum paste, whipped cream or non-dairy topping, fudge, chocolate, and even frozen ice cream cakes.  Your frosting should be level for the best results. See the instructions “APPLICATION TYPES FOR EDIBLE CAKE STICKERS".


2.  Remove your edible image sheet from the air tight bag. Your edible image is cut and ready to use. If you have ordered a custom size you will need to cut your edible image using sharp scissors or a sharp razor knife, gently cut 1/8" around image(s) while on the plastic white backing sheet.  Cake Stickers can also be cut after removed from the backing sheet; just be gentle as it could tear. Make sure your fingers are not moist when handling the edible image.


3. Remove your Edible Image from the white plastic backing sheet. Gently pull down on the plastic backing sheet and the edible image should release from the backing sheet  (DO NOT DO THIS STEP FOR ROUND CUPCAKE AND OREO COOKIE SIZED IMAGES). If the image does not release from the backing sheet gently roll the backing sheet over the sharp edge of a table or counter with image facing up (as shown in the photo “A” below). The image should release off the plastic white backing sheet. Gently peel (as shown in the photo “B” below) the edible image off the plastic backing sheet -  do not pull hard on the sheet as they are a bit delicate and could rip. See the attached information on “Helpful Tips” if you have difficulty.


A. Release image from backing sheet                         B. Gently remove edible image from backing sheet     


Note:  Edible images are effect by humidity just like many cake decorating products. If the edible image does not release easily from the plastic backing sheet it is too moist. If the Edible image feels stiff and cracks it is too dry.  Either problem can be corrected easily, see the attached “HELPFUL TIPS” for detailed instructions on handling Edible Images.


 4.  Apply the edible cake sticker…

TOPS of cakes or treats: Lay the edible image on top of your cake by holding the ends and gently applying from the middle first, to the ends.  Gently smooth out the edible image making sure there are no bubbles and the edges are touching the frosting, fondant, or chocolate to ensure a nice clean look.


    C.  Lay on cake/cupcake starting with the middle                            D. Gently smooth  


SIDES of cake: Apply the first edible imaged strip from the middle first, to the ends. Smooth out using your fingers, making sure all the edges are touching the frosting or fondant. NOTE: before you smooth out the cake sticker make sure it is straight; when applied to frosting you can gently move the image a bit to position in place. When applied to fondant it will stay where you placed it. Place the next strip to match the end of the 1st strips, smooth out. 



5.  Create some piped borders around the edges or apply festive sprinkles for an added touch. Enjoy all the smiles when you present your special creation!


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Helpful Hints on working with Edible Image Cake Stickers

Also known as Sugar Sheets, Edible Images, Photo Cakes, Cake Decals, and Edible Frosting Sheets


IMPORTANT: Do not let water come in contact with the TOP side of the edible image. It will ruin your print.


Having trouble removing the edible image from the plastic backing sheet?

Humid or moist conditions can cause the image to stick to the backing. If this happens try one or more of the following:

• Roll the sheet (image side up) over the table edge to loosen it from the plastic backing sheet.

• Put the image in a DRY freezer for 15 to 30 seconds (some images may require more or less time) then  

   try rolling the sheet on a sharp table edge again.

• Dry the edible image with a hair dryer. Hold dryer at least 6 inches away from image using hot heat  

   until it feels dry; approximately 1 to 2 minutes.


If the edible image has become dry and brittle:

place a damp (not dripping) paper towel in the bag against the back side of the PLASTIC BACKING SHEET – not on the imaged side. Seal the bag and allow it to sit for about an hour or overnight. This will add moisture back into the frosting sheet. Before placing on cake allow sheet to dry for about 10 minutes, or place in the freezer for 15 to 25 seconds then allow it to rest for at about 5 seconds before removing from backing sheet. Run the backing sheet across the sharp edge of a table or counter and the image will release from the backing sheet.


1.       Once the edible image has been on the cake for about 5 to 10 minutes it will begin to blend with the frosting. Do Not Touch It; it can leave a dent just like frosting does when touched.

2.       For the best results apply edible images to a freshly frosted cake. If your frosting has become dry, spray a fine mist of water (do not have puddles of water) on your frosting before applying the edible image. This will add moisture back into your frosting so the edible image can adhere properly.

3.       We suggest using a white frosting so your image will stand out better. Using chocolate or a dark frosting can darken some areas of the edible image.

4.       If the edible image crease or rips while placing, gently rub the area back together and it hardly shows.

5.       If needed you can trim Cake Stickers with sharp scissors or a razor knife on or off the backing sheet.

               6.       Measure and cut the last strip while it is still attached to the backing strip to avoid waste.

               7.       When trimming with razor blade trim from the bottom up after applying to the cake to avoid tearing.

               8.       When building tiered cakes, assemble them completely before beginning to apply designs.

               9.       Return all images to the re-sealable bag as soon as they are no longer needed.


Enjoy creating your edible image treats!

Enjoy all the smiles you will receive!




Application Type for Edible Image Cake Stickers


FROSTING/ICING: Cake Stickers will adhere best when you frosting or icing is fresh. If your frosting has a skin on it, mist with a light spray of water to refresh the frosting prior to placing your edible image.

When using whipped cream the edible image can fade after several hours or when left overnight. We recommend coating the back with a thin layer of piping gel to seal out the water. Also, coating the top with clear piping gel will make a glossy type picture rather than a matte type.


GUM PASTE: Apply a thin layer of piping jell or water then apply the edible cakes sticker image. If your gum paste is tacky the edible image may adhere without piping jell or water.


FONDANT: Apply a thin layer of piping jell, water, or clear potable alcohol, such as vodka or Everclear, then apply the edible cakes sticker image. If your fondant is tacky the edible image may adhere without piping jell, water, or vodka.


NON DAIRY WHIPPED TOPPING: Do NOT add any extra moisture to the topping. The moisture content is already perfect for adherence. 


FROZEN WHIPPED TOPPING/ICING: Before applying image to cake surface, be sure ice crystals have fully melted. 


RUN ROYAL ICING: Moisture content of run icing is too wet for immediate application. Allow icing to dry before attempting to apply a Designer Prints™ strip. After the icing is dry, lightly brush clear piping gel or simple syrup only to area to be covered with design.   


ROYAL ICING: Add a generous mist of water (being careful to avoid puddles) before icing dries to prevent crusting before application.

Fondant: Using clear potable alcohol, such as vodka or Everclear, spray an even coat over fondant with airbrush. Apply Designer Prints™ strip immediately to fondant’s surface.


CHOCOLATE: Several ways to apply

1. Apply directly on top of melted chocolate. Use a soft touch to avoid dents.

2. Piping gel or corn syrup thinned with a little water, applied to the bar or back of the edible image works well.

3. Place the edible image, face down, in the bottom of the mold and cast the bar.  Do not put in the refrigerator or freezer.

4.  Gently re-heat the molded chocolate with a hot air from a hair dryer (usually only takes about 20 seconds). Apply the edible image on top.


COOKIES: There are several ways to adorn Cake Stickers to cookies. Icing, frosting, royal icing, piping gel, or corn syrup thinned with a little water, will adhere the image to most any cookie. If you purchase store bought cookies and the front of the cookie is not flat, try applying the image to the back of the cookie for a nice flat surface.


OREO COOKIES: For the best presentation we suggest dipping the Oreo cookie in melted chocolate (white chocolate will produce a brighter image). Before the chocolate dries apply the edible image on top, smooth it out making sure the edges are touching the chocolate for a more cohesive look. You can add some colored sprinkles and then let it dry.Another great idea is to apply a dab of piping jell or corn syrup thinned with a bit of water to the hardened chocolate cookie and place the edible image on top. You can also remove the top cookie and place the cake sticker directly on the cream filling for a fun effect.


HARD CANDY LOLLIPOPS: Lightly coat the lollipop with corn syrup thinned with a little water, apply the image on top. If the lollipop is a bit tacky the cake sticker will adhere all on its own.

A fun way to do hard candy lollipops is to pour 1/2 of the candy solution , using a clear color like lemon or lime since they are clear flavorings, place the edible picture on top and pour the second half of the white candy solution on top. It's easy and looks great with the embedded image.



Enjoy creating your edible imaged treats!

Enjoy all the smiles you will receive!

Enjoy all the money you saved!



Frequently Asked Questions When Applying Edible Images
(Also known as Cake Sticker, Cake Decals, Photo Cakes, and Sugar Sheets)

How should I store Edible Image® decorations? Store Edible Image® decorations in the original bag in a cool, dry place. Always make sure that reclosable bags are completely sealed.

My Edible Image® decoration is brittle and cracking; what can I do?

Your image(s) may have been stored in conditions that are too dry, or the reclosable bag was not completely closed. Be certain to always close the original bag.

Exposure to low humidity may cause Edible Image® decorations to become too dry and brittle, thus cracking or breaking upon peeling from the backing sheet. If you experience difficulties due to low humidity, try the following:

  • If possible, move the image you are ready to use to a more humid environment. Keep the remaining images sealed in the original bag. A portable humidifier can solve the problem of low humidity in a room.
  • Open the bag of Edible Image® decorations near a faucet of hot running water, allowing steam to enter the bag without getting any water into the bag, close the bag.
  • Place the Edible Image® decoration you are ready to use in an airtight plastic container with a warm damp cloth. Make sure the damp cloth does not touch the image.

My Edible Image® decoration is moist and difficult to remove from the backing sheet; what can I do?

Place the backing sheet on a table edge (with the image facing up) and roll the backing sheet over the sharp edge of the table. This technique will help to pop the image off the backing sheet. If this doesn’t work, the humidity is too high.

Exposure to high humidity may cause Edible Image® decorations to absorb moisture and stick to the baking sheet making them difficult to peel. If you experience difficulties due to high humidity, try the following:

  • If possible, move the image you are ready to use to a drier environment. An air-conditioned room will usually be dry enough to condition the image so that it can be peeled.
  • A Dry Box may be used in areas of high humidity to help dry Edible Image® decorations so that they can be easily peeled from the backing paper. The Dry Box is a large plastic airtight container with small food-grade desiccant packets placed inside to reduce the humidity of the air inside the container. Dry Boxes are available from a Food Decorating Company.
  • Place the Edible Image® decoration in a freezer for a 30 to 90 seconds, after which the image will usually peel easily from the backing sheet.

My Designer Prints™ are not adhering to my ice cream cake. What can I do?

If your ice cream cake is covered in a thin layer of ice crystal, let it sit out for a few minutes. This will allow the thin layer of ice to soften and provide the needed moisture for the Designer Prints™ to adhere to the side of the cake.

The colors in the Edible Image® decoration ran; how can I prevent this?

The moisture content of the product you are placing the image on may be too high. Do not add any extra moisture when applying the image. Also take precautions with freeze/thaw cycles to avoid build-up of ice crystals. Thaw finished frozen decorated products slowly, preferably in a refrigerator, uncovered, to avoid running of colors and sweating.

Can Edible Image® decorations be frozen?

Yes, Edible Image® decorations work on ice cream and other frozen products, and can be frozen after application. It is important to take precautions with freeze/thaw cycles to avoid build-up of ice crystals. Thaw finished frozen decorated products slowly, preferably in a refrigerator, uncovered, to avoid running of colors and sweating.

The colors in the Edible Image® decoration faded, how can I prevent this?

All FD&C approved food colors are sensitive to light, especially pinks, purples, and some reds. It is best to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and strong fluorescent lights.

The Edible Image® decoration is not absorbing into my food product; what can I do?

Your product is most likely too dry. Edible Image® decorations need a small amount of moisture to adhere to and meld into a product. You may need to apply a fine mist of plain water to your product before applying the Edible Image® decoration.

The Edible Image® decoration “bubbles” after application, what can I do?

Gently TAP (do not rub) the image. When first applying the image to the product smooth from the center of the image first and then smooth outward toward the edges.

Can I write inscriptions on top of the Edible Image® decoration?

Yes. Just be sure not to push the decorating tip through the image.

Can I use Edible Image® decorations for other products besides cakes?

Yes, Edible Image® decorations are versatile and work on numerous types of food products. Our standard catalog products are specially formulated to work ideally on buttercream icings, but also works great on fondant, gum paste, chocolate, fudge, and royal icing. See " Application Type for Edible Image Cake Stickers"

How do I store my product once I have applied an Edible Image® decoration to it?
Store your finished product as normally required for food safe handling. Edible Image® decorations will not effect the shelf life of your product and are freezer, refrigerator and shelf stable.